Poetry Cafe Refreshed with Guest Poet Sarah Leavesley


Sarah Leavesley

We had a fantastic Poetry Café Refreshed at Smokey Joe’s in Cheltenham on 17 October,  with guest poet Sarah Leavesley aka Sarah James, whose superbly read poems were a masterclass in making every word count and earn its place. We were treated to a rich variety of multilayered poems which spoke (in my interpretation) of disarming dress, listening to the landscape, remaining relevant across generations, net etiquette, art, love, myth, lessons from home and heritage … and, one of our British obsession, the weather. So much depth and so much to enjoy in terms of imagery, wordplay … and warm humanity.







The open mic was of a high standard with super contributions from:

David Clarke, Jennie Farley, Cliff Yates, Chris Hemingway, Belinda Rimmer, Ross Turner, Gill Wyatt, Michael Newman, Annie Ellis, David Gale, the host of Refreshed, Roger Turner.  I also read a couple.


Sarah with Refreshed’s hosts, Sharon Larkin and Roger Turner

Thank you to Sarah and all those at the open mic; a very enjoyable evening.

And thanks to the lovely staff at Smokey Joe’s for looking after us so well, as always.

Sharon Larkin



Click the link for a video slideshow of photographs taken at Poetry Cafe Refreshed, 17 October 2018

Video Poetry Cafe Refreshed 17 October 2018https://v0.wordpress.com/js/next/videopress-iframe.js?m=1435166243

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